Under Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act, certain companies are required to conduct a waste audit and waste reduction work plan. Whether is mandated or required for ISO certification CES LTD, offers complete waste audits and waste reduction work plans.

A waste audit is essentially a study of wastes generated by an establishment. Regulation 102/94 is intended to ensure that a comprehensive approach to the study of waste is taken by the designated IC&I waste generators

There are four basic steps to implementing a waste reduction program required under Regulation 102/94:

  1. Conducting a waste audit
  2. Developing a waste reduction work plan
  3. Implementing the waste reduction work plan
  4. Updating the audit and work plan
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The audit must go beyond measuring the quantity of waste and identifying its composition, to identifying the underlying reasons and operational factors for waste generation.

Under the regulation, all waste audits must address:

  • the amount, nature and composition of the waste generated in all Functional areas of an establishment;
  • how the waste is produced, including relevant management policies and Practices; and
  • how the waste is managed.

Developing a Waste Reduction Work Plan

The information from the waste audit is the basis for developing the waste Reduction work plan. The work plan addresses 3Rs opportunities to be Implemented.

Regulation 102/94 requires that all completed waste reduction work plans must include all reasonable actions that can be taken. These actions must follow the 3Rs hierarchy, with reduction as first priority, followed by reuse, and then recycling.

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LEED Certification

LEED is defined as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) consists of a suite of rating systems for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings, homes and neighborhoods.

Whether it’s Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum certification you are trying to achieve, CES Ltd will assist in implementing the best possible waste and recycling management system for your project. We have developed many end sources for typical materials like wood, concrete, asphalt, clean fill, gypsum, specialized plastics and blue box materials.

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